TXTMSG4U - you text message station


Advanced Functions

Kiss or Diss
Love Messages, Break Ups, Propositions, Tell 'em off...cute, funny pre-made msgsmore
Crystal/Magic 8Ball Will Steve ask me out? Will I get that job? Find out...
Thought of the Day
i.e. "Why is abbreviation such a long word?" Deep thoughts...
Schedule a Text Message
Appt's and Meeting reminders. Sync up with Outlook.
Send a Bulk Text Message
Opt-in text messaging to groups of users. Event announcements, Specials, Promotions, Sweepstakes...


We offer two forms of sponsorship for advertisers. 

Sponsor our free text message service

TXTMSG4U sends out tens of thousands of text messages per month.  Have your company name, message or web site appear on every text message that is sent through our free service.  

Example of a sponsored text message.

Local advertisers:

Targeted marketing to numbers within your area code.  Only messages sent to your selected area codes will contain your marketing message.  Thereby, reducing useless advertising costs to users on the other side of the country.

Contact Us now to find out how you can sponsor a block of text messages.

Advertise on our TxTBoX Communicator

We have a free software product that allows users to send free text messages right from their desktops (very similar to an IM window). We've developed a revolutionary, dynamic text messaging ad-serving engine to allow us to completely customize and control the ads that are sent to the users. From the images below you will be able to see the possibilities.

Sending a text message Dynamic ad screen after every text message is sent

Contact Us now to find out how you can advertise on our TxTBoX Communicator.


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