TXTMSG4U - you text message station


Advanced Functions

Kiss or Diss
Love Messages, Break Ups, Propositions, Tell 'em off...cute, funny pre-made msgsmore
Crystal/Magic 8Ball Will Steve ask me out? Will I get that job? Find out...
Thought of the Day
i.e. "Why is abbreviation such a long word?" Deep thoughts...
Schedule a Text Message
Appt's and Meeting reminders. Sync up with Outlook.
Send a Bulk Text Message
Opt-in text messaging to groups of users. Event announcements, Specials, Promotions, Sweepstakes...

Magic 8-ball Answers 

Ever wonder if your dream will come true?  We'll give you our answer to any question you can think of.  Keep in mind that it should be similar to a YES/NO type question.  A question like "How much money will I make next year?" won't work...  Try it out...  You'll be surprised how accurate we are. 

Note: You must be a registered user to use this function (How else would we know where to send the answer?  We're psychic, but not that good.)  By the way... it's a quick and free registration.

Ask any question you want:

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